Upcoming Events

2 upcoming projects of note:

  • In May, we will be staging a new ‘remix’ of Bronwyn Ruckers Radon Daughters.  Radon Daughters is a avant garde play about originally presented in 1981. The play follows the exploits of the Radon Daughters, a group of characters to represent an “everywoman”.  Over loosely connected vignettes, the character struggles to resolve her artistic ideals with the pragmatic necessities of physical and spiritual survival in a mysteriously technological world.   The play has been restaged several times over the ensuing decades, and has existed in several evolutionary forms.   We will be restructuring the original 1981 script into an energetic 1980’s period piece that is both tragic and comic.
  • We will soon be launching a kickstarter campaign to try to fund a big Viking musical.  Keep an eye out for it!