Figment Theatre was founded by Ev Sullivan in 2008. The inaugaral piece- Robot Uprising! featured 3 original dystopian one-acts. Since then, Sullivan and Co-Artistic Director 10887307_10152969833499158_5953178620845886233_oJason Ellis have brought over 25 productions to the stage, delighting audiences with new works with a nerdy aesthetic.

Works include Barbarian! a bawdy and audacious 60 minute “nerdcore rap” narrative, following Ozam the Barbarian’s adventures in a far-flung, magical kingdom in the shadow of Mt. Boogie (it is the first Fantasy Hip-Hopera), Strange Tales of Preston Stagger, a recreation of the 1939 Houdini Seance and live-improvised scoring of horror classic the Cat and the Canary, and the movie-monster themed Monster Uprising!


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